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The Egyptian exporter Logistic Nuts for Agricultural Development is a new supplier which, with assistance from the IPD, has converted to ecological farming and is now capturing the market with organic peanuts.

“Fertilizing cropland and exporting peanuts from our own production”– this was the business Principle with which Sameh Shanap, Dr. Mohamed El-Shabrawy and Abdel-Shafy Hemida founded the company Logistic Nuts for Agricultural Development in 2013.

Together, the company’s three founders – each an expert in his own field – set themselves the challenging goal of forming an export company that is Responsible for cultivating and processing their own product.

Logistic Nuts produces its peanuts on long-term leased farmland. Using modern production facilities, the peanuts are cleaned and sorted immediately after harvesting. Every single step all the way through to packaging the high-quality pulses is monitored and controlled.

This ensures the follow-up in every process of the products.

“Our quality concept has paid off well. In the first year alone, we already exported more than 500 tons of peanuts to Arab countries, Turkey, Italy and Greece,” says Abdel-Shafy Hemida. “We then increased our volume of production in the ensuing years in order to boost our export business with European traders. But it proved to more problematic than efficient.”

Judith Emmerling, IPD Expert for Sourcing and Markets, is aware of the issue: “African exporters don’t have an easy time when it comes to introducing their products to the EU market. Importers from Germany pay very precise attention to complete proof of origin and quality of the products. And this is precisely where the IPD comes in. We support exporters by informing them of the requirements on the EU market such as certification and current demand patterns. By these means, we facilitate their access to the EU market.”

»With the support of the IPD’s expertise, we have succeeded in setting the course for the future. Our changeover to organic farming has already gained us a significant increase in our exports to Europe. IPD has advised us and provided us with valuable contacts for this process. We have already drawn up some initial supply contracts with European importers and further business deals are in progress.«

More information about IPD at: www.importpromotiondesk.de

More information about Logistic Nuts at: www.logisticnuts.com

Based on an article,

by Juddith Emmerling from IPD, on February 2020

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